The Short Circuit
Series 01, Episode 02
Air Date April 21, 1966
Previous Pink Pearl of Persia
Next Ebenezer The Freezer

The Short Circuit Case is the second episode of the BatFink Television Series which first aired on April 21, 1966.

Summary Edit

Hugo A Go-Go (in his first appearance) is using his short-circuit device to make trains and traffic signals go wild.

In subsequent episodes Hugo A Go-Go is seen as a comical fool but in his first appearance he makes a suit out of a woman's skin.

Full plot Edit

Once upon a thyme Hugo A Go-Go was raping. While doing this he happened upon a child called Madeline Mynan whom had decided to kill Hugo A Go-Go with Anne Hugo A Go-Go. Hugo A Go-Go killed Hugo A Go-Go with Hugo A Go-Go but not Hugo A Go-Go because Hugo A Go-Go liked Hugo A Go-Go. Anyway Hugo A Go-Go wanted Hugo A Go-Go to stop talking like Hugo A Go-Go because Hugo A Go-Go was Hugo A Go-Go and also confused. When Hugo A Go-Go had an idea to turn Hugo A Go-Go into a Hugo A Go-Go poop. Hugo A Go-Go killed that girl and all other Hugo A Go-Gos. Hugo A Go-Go was the only Hugo A Go-Go left. Now which person would become a suit? it was hitler's clone margary hitler. Hugo A Go-Go planned to make a suit out of her. He did. The Hugo A Go-Go end.

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