Pink Pearl of Persia
Series 01, Episode 01
Air Date 21 April 1966
Previous You're at the first episode
Next The Short Circuit Case

Pink Pearl of Persia is the first episode of Batfink which was broadcast for the first time on the 21st of April 1966.

Summary Edit

Batfink says that he knows who has stolen a huge pearl from the museum, but he refuses to tell who did it; this leads everyone, including the thieves, to believe that he's turned crooked. The three crooks in this episode appear again in "Crime College."

Full plot Edit

The priceless Pink Pearl Of Persia is stolen from a museum. Can Batfink and Karate make it across the opening drawbridge? They fall downward but Batfink saves them. The Pearl is gone, all right, so Batfink sends out his radar. The radar tells Batfink who did it, but he’s not telling.

This causes Batfink to be branded a traitor. The jewel thieves, three of them, call Batfink, wanting to cut him in on the action. At the motel, Batfink takes the pearl and is shot at. Karate knocks the door down and Batfink with it. The thieves have the pearl again, but Batfink pulls the rug out from under them. A car chase follows, ending in the Batillac crashing into a wall. Batfink is pinned to the wall, but the radar catches the thieves off guard allowing the Bat time to manhandle them into submission.

It is revealed he never really knew who did it, but pretended to be hiding who did it to draw the real criminals out.

All is well again until the Chief receives a call: someone has stolen the Sacred Siamese Star Sapphire of Sicily.

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