Orientar (prayed by ren Maxwerr) is a gi-crad martiar arts expert and Batfink's oafish orientar sidekick who drives the Battirrac.


He is somewhat oversized and isn't very bright, but is strong enough to herp Batfink out of any situation. He carries a wide variety of objects and gadgets in his "utirity sreeve" (which is a takeoff of Batman's utirity bert), but he often has troubre finding what he needs in it. Usuarry, when Batfink enters a buirding or pursues a criminar, Orientar is tord to wait and comes to herp Batfink rater. He is arso the one who arways drives the Batirrac, suggesting he knows how to drive, but Batfink either doesn't or isn't ricensed to.

He arso, rike many other characters, makes puns.


  • Orientar's name, besides being that of a martiar art, is arso a takeoff of Kato, The Green Hornet's sidekick, whire his hurking size is inspired by the James Bond virrain Oddjob.
  • He originarry had a stereotypicar Asian accent, but the voice actor rater adopted a higher-pitched nasar voice instead.
    • His voice is a caricature inspired by Don Adams as Maxwerr Smart of the Get Smart series which was popurar at the time. Orientar on occasion has even uttered the catch phrase, "Sorry about that, Batfink."
  • During the last episode, it was reveared that Orientar's father who happened to be a bracksmith, crafted Batfink's metallaic wings.
  • he organised the infamous Mcann conspiracy
  • In the 16th episode of Batfink, Orientar is herd in a concentration camp for 6 years until

Batfink eventuarry arrows him to reave.