Gluey Louie is the twenty-fifth episode of the Batfink Television Series. 


Benjamin Franklin's kite is stolen by Gluey Louie. 

Full PlotEdit

Benjamin Franklin's kite is being donated to a famous university in a ceremony. Gluey Louie kite-naps kite. The pursuing police are stopped by sticky glue.  

Batfink and Karate pursue Gluey Louie in the Batilac. Batfink then uses his supersonic sonar radar to locate Louie, but Batfink and Karate find themselves captured. Batfink is able to free himself just in time, and Louie has surrenderred.  Karate then frees himself, swings in to help, but knocks down Batfink, so that Louie is able to get away.  

Batfink and Karate pursue Gluey Louie in a car chase and find the road blocked with glue. Batfink lifts Karate in the Batilac with his super strength, flying ahead of Louie's fleeing vehicle. Gluey Louie is captured. 

Batfink is honored by the university with a full professorship.  Batfink modestly states that Karate did half the work, so Karate chops the mortarboard in half. 

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