Batfink on the Rocks
Series 01, Episode 06
Batfink on the Rocks
Air Date January 20, 1967
Previous Big Ears Ernie
Next Manhole Manny

Batfink on the Rocks is the sixth episode of Batfink which was broadcast for the very first time on January 20, 1967.

Summary Edit

Niagara Falls goes dry at the hands of Hugo A Go Go. Batfink’s just hanging around the cave when the hotline rings. Karate takes the screen out of the hotline and holds it upside down so the suspended Batfink can see it. Karate has to fill the Batillac’s radiator, and Hugo’s selling water, but Hugo gives him sand instead. Batfink and Karate find the secret underground reservoir, just below what used to be Niagara Falls. But Hugo captures Batfink and sends him over the falls in a barrel. But there’s no water, just rocky cliffs. Karate’s bomb blows up the reservoir and causes a geyser that rescues Batfink.

John Gentilella, also known as Johnny Gent, was a highly regarded New York-based animator, with credits at both Famous Studios and Terrytoons.

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